'Realism' review or 'Man-size cats, toilet threesomes and talking washing machines'

'Realism', Anthony Neilson
Soho Theatre, Saturday 18th June 2011

Neilson's 'Realism' is a play that could only work in theatre. This is rare thing indeed. It is a liberated but lucid look inside the alcohol addled mind of a hung-over chap, recently separated from his girlfriend. It is an invigorating blend of the real and surreal and a reminder of just how closely these two states sit together. It is an examination of the crazy  significance of the supposedly small stuff and blandness of the big stuff. And, above all, it is a show stuffed full of brilliantly bonkers images.

At the end of 'Realism', protagonist Stuart's girlfriend asks: 'And what did you do today?' 'Fuck all,' replies Stuart. Well, these pictures, scribbled frantically in the dark, tell a different story...

Stuart's mate crawls out of the TV. How's that for interactive viewing?

Sand pours out of Stuart's ceiling. Dodgy building work or something deeper, perchance?

A giant carrot makes an appearance. As does a stick.

The Cunt Dance. I guess you had to be there.

Stuart's ex girlfriends get it on, whilst on the toilet

Stuart's mum makes her presence felt via the washing machine

A giant cat. Purrs like a tiger. Possibly overfed

Stuart's mum pops up again. Only this time she has angel wings. Naturally.


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