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'What Once Was Ours' or 'Shared Spaces'

What Once Was Ours A Zest Theatre and Half Moon co-production  Written for The Guardian 

This 2017 co-production by Zest Theatre and Half Moon was created in the aftermath of the Brexit vote, and draws on countless conversations with Britain’s young people. But this subtle two-hander (now available to watch online) isn’t really about Brexit. With a sparse set and the young audience scattered among the action, What Once Was Ours is about what unites us – and how shared experiences and emotions might bring us together.

Set in small-town England, the play focuses on half-siblings Callum (Jaz Hutchins) and Katie (Pippa Beckwith), who have been estranged for years; while they share a dad, their race, family relationships and outlooks on life are different. Callum has grown up with a loving mum; Katie can’t remember the last time her mother said, “I love you.” Both are angry, frightened and lonely. The script has been devised by the company and is dynamic but uneven. The pointed references to Br…

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