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'Armadillo' review or 'Safety latch on?'

Armadillo, Sarah Kosar
The Yard Theatre, 6th June 2019
Written for The Guardian 

Fifteen years ago, Sam was abducted from her family home. Now another local teenager has gone missing and the TV stations are lit up with the news. A search party has gathered, Facebook is in meltdown and “J day” – Jessica day – has just been named. “He’s probably kissing her right now,” says Sam of Jessica and her kidnapper. The scary thing? There’s envy nestled in there, amid the fear and sorrow. Sarah Kosar’s latest play isn’t easy. It doesn’t always work, or even make sense. But her follow-up to Mumburger is horribly captivating and, in all its twisted eccentricity, peculiarly contemporary. There are hints of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? as we watch Sam (Michelle Fox, electric) descend into a strange depression and, with the help of husband John (Mark Quartley), embroil brother Scotty (Nima Taleghani) in a dangerous game. There’s an element of fairytale too. Sara Joyce’s triumphantly disjointed product…

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