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'100: Unearth' review or 'Pushing up the daisies?'

'100: Unearth', Wildworks
Lost Gardens of Heligan, 12th July 2018
Written for The Guardian 

Hidden among the roses, a soldier and his lover kiss goodbye. Through a clearing in the trees, blindfolded captives are repeatedly executed. Three men sit on a manicured lawn; roses bloom from their faces as bombs drop overhead. 100: UnEarth, part of the UK’s first world war centenary arts programme 14-18 NOW, is a fitfully moving promenade show, which asks the difficult question: how do we learn to live and love again after the devastation of war? The show has been created by WildWorks, the site-specific Cornish theatre company founded by Bill Mitchell, who died last year. This is their second piece set in The Lost Gardens of Heligan, a beautiful and slightly eerie botanical garden that was, itself, almost wiped out by the war. In the early scenes, the landscape and narrative merge to haunting effect. High on a hillside, a large community of women gather for dinner. A faint drum roll sounds…

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