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'Obsession' review or 'I think there's something wrong with your engine.'

Obsession – Visconti/Stephens Barbican Theatre – 25th April 2017  

I couldn’t sleep last night. Perhaps I was dreaming that Jude Law was killing me in a very sexy and very manly manner. I hope that I wasn’t. It would be unfair to experience that again.
Jude Law is not terrible in Ivo van Hove’s latest theatrical offering – an adaptation of Visconti’s 1943 film of jealousy and passion, ‘Obsession’. He really isn’t bad at all (if not suffering from a bit of puffed up pretension). Law plays Gino – a drifter mechanic who just wants to FEEL DAMMIT – and there’s a restless energy about him that can be pretty compelling. When Law seduces (and he does this a lot), when he fights and when he kills, he gives off some serious heat. I reckon he could be very powerful in the right kind of role; one that harnesses all that sweaty energy and does something interesting and surprising with it. But there isn’t a huge amount more to Law’s performance other than energy and sweat. That’s not really his fault…

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