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'Small Wonders' review or 'Think Big!'

'Small Wonders', Punchdrunk
Bernie Grant Arts Centre, 7 June 2018
Written for Guardian online

I’m crouched down alongside a bunch of kids and we’re shouting merrily: “Think big! Think big!” We’re with Nanny Lacey, a woman who loves to make miniature models of her life’s most magical moments. Nanny is losing her memory and will soon move into a care home. Before then, she wants to jump into one of her miniature memories one last time. We can all join her: we just have to believe. Small Wonders has been created for London international festival of theatre by Punchdrunk, and is directed by Tara Boland and Peter Higgin. It boasts all the rigour and ambition of the immersive-theatre pioneers’ shows for adults and – crucially – isn’t merely a visual extravaganza. There’s real emotion and inspiration at the heart of Nessah Muthy’s script, created in collaboration with local teenagers in Tottenham and containing happy moments plucked from their own lives.  Kate Rigby’s set is full of exq…

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