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'This Beautiful Future' review or 'I'll take it from here.'

This Beautiful Future, Rita Kalnejais 9th May 2017, The Yard Theatre

Having seen ‘This Beautiful Future’, I will always think of ticker tape projections (on which surtitles are normally projected) fondly, and with wonder. I will never be able to listen to Adele’s song, ‘Hello’, without remembering a kind and shy audience, falteringly singing this song alongside me. I will try to remind myself that one person’s enemy is another’s hero. I will be grateful for the love in my life. I will try to live a little better and I will remind myself that theatre should be beautiful.
This is another stunning show from The Yard’s artistic director Jay Miller, who has an instinctive grasp of theatrical textures and the endless ways in which light, sound, smoke, words, song, feeling – and the audience - might intertwine on stage. To watch his very best productions is, for me, to fall deep inside and madly back in love with theatre.
Rita Kalnejais’s new play is set in rural France in 1944, just as the war…

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