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'13 The Musical' review or 'Oy! It's tough being a teen.'

13 The Musical, Jason Robert Brown
Ambassadors Theatre, 16th August 2017
Written for Time Out 

Student showcases can be such a drag. They’re either far too ambitious and the cast is overwhelmed or they’repitched way too young and wind up feeling patronising. But '13 – The Musical' – scored by the ever-sparky Jason Robert Brown ('The Last Five Years') – is the perfect fit for this all-teenage cast from the British Theatre Academy. It’s a coming-of-age musical set in an American high school andhas more spunk than a horde of randy teens. The man of the hour is Evan – a 12-year-old kid whose life is ruined –ruined – when his parents split up and he is forced to leave NYC and move toLamesvilleIndiana (actual name: Appleton). Will Evan find a new homeand real friendsin – cue song – 'The Lamest Place in the World'? Ewan Jones’s production pulse with a wild energy and the cast seem comfortable and confident. There’s an edgy humour to DanElishand Robert Horn’s book that allo…

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