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Theatre that makes me want to write about theatre

'Behind the Beautiful Forevers' review or 'Have you taken the rubbish out?'

'The Mikvah Project' review or 'Let's jump in at the deep end.'

'Fireworks' review or 'Close your eyes and count to ten.'

'Songs of Lear' review or 'An inner body experience.'

'Britain's Best Recruiting Sergeant' review or 'Best foot forward!'

'Alice's House of Cards' review or 'Where's the joker in the pack?!'

'How to Hold Your Breath' review or 'I'll tell you this - he's a devil in the sack.'

'Men in The Cities' review or 'How to connect the dots?'

'Little Light' review or 'Did we discuss the dimmer switch?'

'You're Not Alone' review or 'I think I want a close shave.'

'The Eradication of Schizophrenia in Western Lapland' review or 'I'm not sure you're really listening.'

'Whistle Down the Wind' review or 'Kittens, Christ and Cathy'